Supernatural Bacteria Theory

What does Bacteria have to do with the paranormal?

Quite possibly, everything.
In this special feature episode, Prove It Paranormal Research establishes the Supernatural Bacteria Theory by combining a wealth of recent breakthrough studies and cutting edge microbiology. With our collective knowledge about the foundational nature of paranormal activity, we are proceeding by introducing an invaluable missing link between the tangible world of the known, and the unseen world of the supernatural.

Available for Vimeo On Demand May 1st, 2016

AvailableMay1_mag3“What began as a trial investigation inside a founding member’s paranormally disturbed apartment over two years ago has evolved beautifully into a six-and-a-half hour long documentary season of fast-paced, intensive paranormal investigations. After a year of daily sixteen-hour production shifts, in addition to countless thousands of hours dedicated to evidence analysis, we are now very humbled to present Season One of Prove It Paranormal Research.

Season One will be available May 1st on our Vimeo channel for On-Demand streaming and digital download. All three limited-edition collectible discs, presented in slimline cases displaying ghostly photography from the investigations, will remain available for physical & secure purchase here on our website. Enjoy, and remember to never forget to question the unknown….”
– Letter from the Editor

“In season one of Prove It Paranormal Research hardened researchers Tom and Marty apply logic, science, and innovative equipment strategies to relentlessly pursue mind-bending phenomena at seven different sites throughout Southern Wisconsin; time and time again returning to document the existence of a dangerous, elusive entity anchored to an ominous rural stretch of dark road…”

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