Martin Frank | Prove It Paranormal

A music producer for over twenty years, Martin Frank has internationally toured underground music circuits and released a diverse catalog of challenging, genre-bending music under a variety of pseudonyms known and unknown. He carries a strong background as an independent researcher of hidden knowledge, esoteric arts, and the Fortean mysteries, and is now the co-founder and producer of “Prove It Paranormal Research”, a self-released documentary series dealing with the ever-complicated field of paranormal research.

As producer of Prove It Paranormal Research, there are few areas within the team where Martin is not involved. On location, he adopts an investigative role under Tom’s lead, and as the AV Tech of Prove It he manages gear preparation while carefully insuring evidence analysis and production are taken into consideration. Beyond the investigations, Martin finds the invaluable reward of uncovering evidence far outweighs the incalculable investment of time and effort where production and analysis are concerned.

Prior to the development of a paranormal research team, and in spite of his personal experiences, Martin retained a crystalline skepticism about the exact nature of the unexplained. Understanding the power of reason, he recognized how easy it is to turn the strange memories of a paranormal event into something far easier to grapple with. Now, Martin uses the hammer of objective evidence to shatter each glass conception on a case-by-case basis.

With regard to advancing our understanding of the mechanics of paranormal activity, it’s safe to say the right questions have not yet been asked. To Martin, the development of theories like Supernatural Bacteria Theory may begin to ask those questions that unravel the fabric of mystery for us all.