Nic Martinez-VonLüdke | Prove It Paranormal

Born in the industrial city of Milwaukee, Nic Martinez-VonLüdke spent her childhood moving across the country, from her early years roaming the sunset-painted canyons on the Dine Reservation, to her teen years spent within the deciduous forests of Northern Wisconsin.

Reared within a matriarchal family, she traces her resilient and vehement nature to the independent power of the women who raised her. Unable to remember a time in her life when she was not surrounded by esoteric or metaphysical concepts, Nic’s affinity for what is considered paranormal began at a young age, and has steadily become fine-tuned with time and continued education.

Nic thrives right below the surface of visibility, most often dedicating her focus to public relations and conceptual research. She prefers to work out of view, either operating cameras or facilitating team processes. Nic’s diverse travels coupled with her multi-cultural background lends to the team a distinctive skill set, aiding Prove It Paranormal during both the investigative and analysis stages of field research, while also more broadly helping to bring intersectionality into the field of paranormal research.

In addition to her work with Prove It Paranormal, Nic is a multi-media artist with an emphasis on music, social justice, and esoteric literary works.  She is also a lifelong student of alternative healing, and prefers her free time be spent alone to explore the realms of her diverse interests.