Ryan Olstad | Prove It Paranormal

Ryan Olstad has been encountering the paranormal since age ten, never having taken the experiences seriously until he entered adulthood with a fresh sense of skepticism for the dismissals his other-worldly exposures received by those around him. It wasn’t until he continued observing the unexplainable in his daily life that he vowed to devote his time to unmasking these occurrences. After years of uncertainty the truth had never seemed clearer; more was lurking behind the enigmas he had been witnessing, quietly waiting for the opportunity to be validated, investigated, and understood.

Hailing from Stoughton, Wisconsin Ryan has spent much of his time visiting locations of lore and paranormal prestige in attempts to successfully brush shoulders with the unknown shadows of local legend. While he enjoys the footwork any investigation brings, Ryan often spends hours researching locations, carefully logging paranormal claims from visitors in addition to chronicling regional historic events in the hopes they will contribute to an understanding of why a site may be considered haunted, or function as a hot-spot for paranormal activity.

Upon meeting the team in 2015, Ryan’s driving tenacity became paramount for pushing the team further and more vigorously on investigations. When summer’s warm weather rolls over the drumlins of southern Wisconsin where Ryan now resides, he spends every evening possible conducting fieldwork, mercilessly investigating the paranormal claims of his region.

Most investigators have a favorite tool of the trade. While Ryan has a deep love and flooding sense of enthusiasm for technology and where the future of paranormal tech is headed, he maintains that his most reliable piece of equipment is a strong gut-instinct and an unyielding passion for the field of paranormal research.