Season One Disc One

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THE WEARY ROAD PART ONE / 10 minutes 8 seconds
“A notoriously haunted rural road buried deep in Southwest Wisconsin gives the founding duo of Prove It Paranormal Research a chilling 37-second “crash course” in paranormal investigating that ends with a psychological thrashing that one of them will never forget.”

THE WEARY ROAD PART TWO / 12 minutes 56 seconds
“Prove It Paranormal Research returns with additional equipment and two more witnesses to document the frightening, ongoing occurrences afflicting Weary Road of Evansville, Wisconsin.”

THE WEARY ROAD PART THREE / 11 minutes 16 seconds
“Want to know just how real a paranormal encounter can be?
On this landmark Weary Road investigation Prove It Paranormal Research leaves viewers with no oversight or explanation of events as a malevolent force unfolds from the darkness.”

SANITARIUM HILL / 12 minutes 41 seconds

“Prove It Paranormal Research set to work upon the expansive hilltop grounds of the 1930’s era Lake View Sanitarium in an effort to put the numerous urban legends, curious earth features and haunted tales to the test over four all-night investigations. What was uncovered may in fact prove to be the most invaluable and controversial research ever conducted on Madison’s well-known haunted locations.”

DYRESON TRUSS BRIDGE 33 minutes 12 seconds
“The historic Dyreson Bridge is one of Wisconsin’s last remaining iron truss bridges, and the site of a number of alleged paranormal encounters. Prove It Paranormal Research took to this investigation without expectation and came away with what could easily be **the most compelling and incredibly unusual supernatural evidence ever caught on film**!!
As a note of interest to the viewer, the footage of what we now call “The Gravel Pile Incident” was brought to the physics department at the University of Wisconsin and was met with enthusiastic bewilderment among staff.”

bonus feature:

“The founders of Prove It Paranormal Research discuss their first season of paranormal investigations; the ins-and-outs of parapsychology, investigative analysis development, theory, and their clear vision for their next level of paranormal research.”