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THE WEARY ROAD PART SEVEN / 18 minutes 48 seconds
Just as a massive wall of relentless lightning storms were pushing south-east into Wisconsin, Prove It Paranormal Research took to Weary Road for a seventh investigation. In hopes that the added electrical charge in the air might offer the additional energy needed for Weary’s increasingly aggressive entity to manifest, the team’s white-knuckled investigation paid off with footage that needs to be seen to be believed.

SEVEN BRIDGES PART ONE / 8 minutes 24 seconds
For decades the Seven Bridges trail in Southern Milwaukee, Wisconsin has served as the stage for countless extraordinary claims. Legends of paranormal encounters haunt the park in whispers. Ghostly stories are attached to nearly every feature of the park, but none are as notoriously macabre as the tales of murder and suicide said to have occurred at the covered bridge near the park’s eerie entrance.

Prove It Paranormal Research found their preliminary investigation at this site to be not without great difficulty. Challenges with park hours, insurmountable equipment issues, sickness, anxiety, and dread all stood in the team’s way. Wrought with problems from the start, a panic-fueled investigation culminated into a dizzying, unorthodox presentation true to the spirit of Seven Bridges.

LOTHLORIEN / 21 minutes 45 seconds
Lothlorien, named after the fictional woodland home of reclusive elves in J.R.R. TolkIen ‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy, is a historical hundred year old mansion seated on the shore of Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. For many years, “Loth” has operated as a housing cooperative; an iconic symbol of Madison’s beautiful collective roots. The mansion’s murky past has been traced to many other incarnations, including a fraternity house and even a military barracks.

In the early hours of September 11th, 2013, Lothlorien caught fire. The fire raged through the top floors causing massive damage to the mansion. Miraculously, the co-op residents were alerted and none were harmed, but the damage left Lothlorien deserted for years after.

The case was brought to the team’s attention with stories of an unsettling presence felt in the basement of the mansion, and an alleged curse placed on the building many years ago by two of its prior tenants. With the help of a former Loth resident and Madison Community Cooperative staff, Prove It Paranormal Research was able to secure a disturbance-free night to investigate the thirty one room, four floor mansion. Finally, for the first time in history, paranormal investigators put an ear to the wall of the old mansion.

SEVEN BRIDGES PART TWO / 25 minutes 23 seconds
An irresistible return to the notorious Seven Bridges trail in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin confirms every unsettling premonition the team had during their preliminary investigation.
The urban mythos of the Seven Bridges trail is examined, along with the park’s troubled history, before the team embarks upon another nerve wracking investigation. Trouble begins at the playground area, and then ends under the foreboding inscription, “Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.”

WEARY ROAD PART EIGHT / 33 minutes 52 seconds
An eighth Weary Road investigation marks the epochal season finale of Prove It Paranormal.
Taunted from arrival to departure, the team is relentlessly shadowed by Weary’s brooding, unseen entity at a closer proximity than ever before; not even their objective witness is spared from the road’s impish antagonist.

bonus features


The founders of Prove It Paranormal Research discuss their first season of paranormal investigations; the ins-and-outs of parapsychology, investigative analysis development, theory, and their clear vision for their next level of paranormal research.

What does Bacteria have to do with the paranormal? Quite possibly, everything.
In this special feature episode, Prove It Paranormal Research establishes the SUPERNATURAL BACTERIA THEORY by combining a wealth of recent breakthrough studies and cutting edge microbiology. With our collective knowledge about the nature of paranormal activity, we proceed to introduce an invaluable missing link between the tangible world of the known, and the unseen world of the supernatural.

CREEPY COWS / 1 minute
A small clip taken from the eighth Weary Road investigation serves as an example of audio contamination, and a testament to the Ovilus device.

SEASON ONE TRAILER / 2 minutes 54 seconds