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THE WEARY ROAD PART FOUR / 17 minutes 24 seconds
Wholly undeterred from their last dangerously close-range encounter, Prove It Paranormal Research returns to Evansville as they accept the challenge of chronicling the ominous, unseen entity patiently disturbing Weary Road.

THE WEARY ROAD PART FIVE / 21 minutes 4 seconds
On the anniversary night of a fatal car-surfing accident at Weary Road, Prove It Paranormal Research returns in hopes of knocking more paranormal clues loose. The use of sympathetic trigger objects with other gadget-traps help to promote activity… but when the tables turn, Tom and Marty find themselves one step away from a different kind of trap… a trap set for THEM.

PIGEON HOUSE / 38 minutes 20 seconds
In Madison, Wisconsin there is a house referred to as “The Pigeon House”; a decaying, renounced building with a history as troubled as its future. In Episode 10, the Prove It team steps inside to conduct an audio/brainwave experiment utilizing binaurals in an attempt to stimulate paranormal activity. Unsettling events ensue as the Pigeon House becomes the site of a series of additional investigations, where paranormal activity continues even after the team has gone home.

THE WEARY ROAD PART SIX / 28 minutes 56 seconds
Armed with a geranium diode receiver, extra equipment, and an army veteran, the Prove It team conducts their sixth Weary Road investigation; resulting in the most unexpected, objective, unearthly evidence findings yet.

bonus features

Prove It Paranormal Research finds a definitive solution to systematically end one of the greatest controversies within the paranormal research field: ORBS, and establishes a basic standard for the collection of visual paranormal evidence.

GET REX weary road outtake / 6 minutes
A note from the producer:
“After the cameras were done rolling, the paralyzing encounter during the third Weary Road investigation left Tom and I faced with the challenge of retrieving our motion sensor infrared camera “Rex”, innocently waiting for us some distance up Weary Road. I nominated Tom. ”