Thomas O’Brien | Prove It Paranormal

Thomas O’Brien is originally from Oregon state, but now resides among the sprawling green hills of Madison, Wisconsin. Kindred to many investigators within his field, Thomas’s lifelong paranormal encounters manifested early on in his childhood, and have relentlessly persisted since.

Driven to quantify the enigmatic experiences which have remained prevalent in his life, from his childhood, to his time deployed in the Navy and into present day, Thomas co-founded Prove It Paranormal while living in a haunted apartment complex, with no fundamental explanation for the bizarre occurrences plaguing his home other than what he derived from his theological studies. What began as a small investigation of his haunted residence quickly evolved into a highly organized research organization that was bound by one simple objective: to prove it.

Eager for the future of paranormal research, Thomas says he wishes to see paranormal groups move toward more cooperative research techniques that operate on unified investigative platforms, thereby helping to remove the “trust” variable that exists in all paranormal investigative outfits. It is with this vision Thomas hopes to leave his mark on the paranormal community at large.